Santa Teresa Hotel * Room 479

In May 2012 I presented this exhibition, together with Pau Sampera, that narrated the story of a tourist locked into his hotel room for years. This is the exhibition’s statement that we used as our manifesto and starting point:

I write this letter from the Santa Teresa Hotel in Cancun. I’ve been locked up in room 479 for many years now. I think I have lost all track of time, and maybe no one will receive this letter but frankly speaking, I don’t give a damn. i wonder that these entertainer costumes are doing here, casting strange shadows on the walls. I’ve feeding on pizza and water for several years, while watching time go by through the window pane. The musty smell from the room and the dim light prevent me from thinking clearly, and the damned sound from the bar mingled with the sobs from the tourists does’t help at all. In the meantime, I can see these strange objets talk to each other. It´s just as if they are plotting weird plans I cannot grasp, as if they know something they cannot tell… I feel absolutely alone…

15 February 2012. Cancun, Santa Teresa Hotel ***** Room 479